The Green Room is South Tampa's premier salon for hair extensions. We specialize in a variety of methods and work with a number of extension brands to serve you with a personalized experience that's right for your hair, lifestyle, and goals. 

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This method begins with your stylist attaching beads onto a row of natural hair. The stylist then sews the hand-tied wefts into the row of beads. We offer a few different methods including IBE and NBR. This method is great for all hair types and those with an active lifestyle. It is used to create volume/length. The hair is reusable up to a year and maintenance should be done every 4-8 weeks, depending on natural hair growth.

Hand-Tied | Beaded Row

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A latex-free surgical grade adhesive is used to “sandwich” pieces of a clients natural hair in between two pieces of tape. These can be customized with one or two extensions on each section depending on the density of hair. This is our quickest method. It is great for all hair types, sensitive scalps and can be used to create length/volume. The hair is reusable up to a year and maintenance should be done about every 5-7 weeks depending on hair growth.

Tape Ins

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Keratin extensions are individual strands of hair fused to the clients natural hair with a thermal or cold fusion tool. This type of extension is lightweight and extremely customizable. This method is great for all hair types, especially fine hair as the stylist can match the density of the natural hair strand. It can be used to create volume/length. The hair is not reusable and will last 3-5 months depending of hair growth and how well they are maintained.

Keratin Bonds


This method latches onto hair using flattened microbeads. They are individual pieces of hair that are attached with a cylinder piece that interloop around the natural hair. I-Tips are great for all hair types. The hair will last between 6 months to a year and will need to be maintenanced every 4-6 weeks.



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It is crucial to not wash hair for 48 hours after service. When you do wash your hair extensions, we recommend that you use a sulfate or paraben-free shampoo and conditioner. We recommend Milbon products which are made with high quality ingredients. To help keep extensions soft and untangled using a leave-in conditioner is also an important step to help maintain the life span of the Remy hair. 

Never let sunscreen or suntan oil containing Avobenzone touch your extensions. This will cause the hair to become discolored. Self tanners and spray tans can also cause discolorations.

Extensions need to be brushed thoroughly and daily. Our favorite brush is the Acca Kappa. It uses boar bristles combined with nylon bristles to smooth and detangle. 

Always make sure to dry the bonds of every extension after showering even if you are letting your hair “air-dry”. We recommend fast drying the hair up to 80% before using a round brush.



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We use Inoa-an ammonia free color line and our lightener is enriched with Olicare Complex, a caring blend of ingredients within formulated to improve the cosmeticity of the hair. 

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Products we use in salon are Milbon, L’Oreal Professionnel.

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